Onoway Regional Fire Services 

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Fire Rescue International

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  • WHAT: one-day (eight hours) H2S Alive (Energy Safety Canada) training program that exceeds the minimum standard for H2S training in the oil and gas industry. This certification is valid for 3 years.

  • WHERE: Fire Rescue International / Onoway Regional Fire Services Stations, Onoway AB   

  • WHY: This program is for people who may find themselves exposed to, or working in environments where H2S could be present. The purpose of this course is to bring awareness to the hazards and dangers of H2S. It teaches students how to properly protect themselves in the event of an exposure and the ability to conduct a rescue in the event of an accidental release or exposure.

  • WHEN: March 9th, 2021


  • COST:

    • Individual Student:​ $180.00

    • Active Fire Service Member: $140.00


    • Physical Properties of H2S

    • Health Hazards of H2S

    • How to Detect H2S

    • Initial Response Strategy

    • Hazard Assessment and Control

    • Respiratory Protective Equipment

    • Rescue Techniques


This is a full day course. Please be ready to participate in class discussions and hands-on demonstrations. A written exam is required to complete this course and receive your certification.