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"The Courage to Go In, The Knowledge to Get Back Out"


Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career

Step through the threshold of the regular and into the world of opportunity. Learn and become one of the Elite NWFR-TI recruits and change your life forever.


Diverse Learning Environment


Candidates from all across Canada are clamoring at the opportunity to take part in our Apprenticeship. This is because no such program exists... Until now. This creates a unique diverse learning experience in the classroom and on the fire-ground.


Top Students in Class Receive a Job Offer from Northwest Fire Rescue


The top recruits in the class will receive a job offer at our affiliate company Northwest Fire Rescue which specializes in industrial firefighting, rescue and emergency medical services.


Our Graduates Rank High Among Job Recruiters


Fire departments speak highly of the training provided at the Canadian Fire Rescue College. This is because of the vast array of certifications provided along with the mix of practical fire experience.


World Class Faculty: Teaching You Out of Active Fire Stations


"If you can't do, teach" is a commonly used expression in today's world knocking instructors and teachers everywhere. Our instructors teach you out of active fire stations. Your teachers themselves respond to calls and operate on emergency scenes on a regular basis. Our instructors here at NWFR-TI... DO.


Become a Fully Certified and Experienced Firefighter in Under a Year


During your program, depending on which apprenticeship you enroll in, you will spend either 2 weeks on duty in the industrial field with 2 weeks off for twelve months.


International Students


If English is a second language for you, or if you do not have Alberta Health Care, include this in your "Contact Us" form submission and we would be happy help you through the process. For further help with Language Proficiency, click HERE

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